Our Mission
Transcend Yoga incorporates teaching, developing, healing, growing, health, spirituality, psychology, exercise, evolution, love, and peace! The sharing of all of these things has been the motivation for Dana to create Transcend Yoga. The mission is to provide a place for people of all ages to explore themselves, and create self awareness. Transcend Yoga is a creative infusion of various styles of hatha yoga! This program is designed to strengthen and tone while offering clarity and control to your mind, body and spirit. It can also be a great aid in healing a person's wounds and ailments. Transcend Yoga is a system to help one live a full, healthy life. It provides a great path to the self: body/mind/spiritual awareness. The ultimate goal of Transcend Yoga is to teach a way of life that harmonizes a person internally, and with others, plants, and animals!

About Our Classes
There are two different types of adult classes offered at Transcend Yoga. Both blend various styles of yoga. Transcend Yoga offers something for everyone! All classes incorporate the traditional combination of practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation as a means to gradually go deeper inside one's self. All classes have a strong focus on correct, safe alignment. We encourage the observation of one's own limitation's and potential, while working to the edge of possiblity.

The GENTLE HATHA STRETCH class is a blend of Restorative, Yin, and Svananda poses. This class aims to promote relaxation, meditation, stress relief, and healing. It also gently targets flexibility of muscles, joints, connective tissues, and fascia. It can be very hard, as Americans, to slow down and do simple things like breathe or sit up straight. The GENTLE HATHA STRETCH classes we offer are meditative and patient enough to help people who aren't used to slowing down and stretching.

The POWER HATHA FLOW class blends Iyengar and Ashtanga in an intense flow that is strength and flexibility building. During this class we do the Ashtanga Sun Salutations A/B, and then move on to delve deep into a weekly theme with a focus on the Iyengar approach to alignment. We also hold poses longer, progress towards more advanced postures, and move more rapidly from one pose to the next without relaxation. The POWER HATHA FLOW class appeals to those looking to delve deep into the potential of their body, as a means to reach higher levels of awareness.

As a student continues to attend Transcend Yoga, the intensity builds, increasing strength and self-awareness. Transcend Yoga works with a person's natural cycles of growth, strengthening them over time. As in all of life, yoga is a continual process of change.

Our kids yoga program is called YOGA FOR LIFE: GROWING HAPPY, HEALTHY KIDS! The program is offered to preschoolers, school-age children, and teens to learn about their bodies and yoga in a fun and creative environment. Through the use of playful games children learn the sun salutations, standing and seated poses, balance poses, twists, forward bends, safe back bending poses, simple inversions, and fun breathing techniques. The young children learn these through the use of familiar themes such as animals, letters, numbers, travel, under the sea, the circus, partner poses, and many others. Throughout the class they are encouraged to be aware of where they feel the different poses within their bodies. They are taught how to find their pulse in different places on the body. We explore how their breath works, and what it's important function is. We talk a lot about healthy safe use of the body, nurture self-acceptance, self-awareness, and celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each person. The environment of the class is one of directed play, such that the children are having so much fun that they hardly notice the skills being addressed, but walk away with a depth of yoga knowledge. Our teen classes target self-acceptance of their changing bodies, and self-confidence about their uniqueness. We use yoga as a means of building awareness, while simulteneously working with their bodies and minds to acheive a place of health and fitness.

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